Our Services

Property Surveys

1 hour 30 minutes and up

Aerial photos of roof, guttering, windows etc., ideas for assessing maintenance needs.

Event Videos

1 hour and up

Special event, wedding, corporate, special occasion? Give us a call.

Thermal Surveys

1 hour 30 minutes and up

Check out your solar panels, loft insulation, energy efficiency, power lines, wind turbines etc.

Promotional videos

3 hours and up

Your business or property from the air. Fully edited to your requirements

Insurance Claims

Insurance claims 1 hour

Damaged roof? Get photos to support your claim without the need for a cherry picker or scaffolding.

Property Sales

1 hour

Aerial photos and video for use by your estate agent.


Property inspections can be time consuming and expensive. Here at DSL we are able to provide high quality photographs and 4K video footage without the need for cherry pickers or scaffolding.

  • Roof Inspections – Lose tiles, blocked guttering, chimney stacks, flashing and general condition usually inspected within 24 hours.
  • Estate Management – Regular annual, bi-annual or tri-annual surveys of entire estates for insurance and maintenance purposes.
  • Pre-Sale Reports – Buying into an apartment block? We can check the condition of the roof pre-purchase for peace of mind.


Thermal imagery can be an invaluable tool across a number of applications giving invaluable data. Our FLIR thermal sensors will detect problems before they become a major issue.

  • Power Lines – A simple and safe way to inspect efficiency.
  • Wind Turbines – Safely inspect from a distance.
  • Solar Panels – Check if all cells on your solar panels are in good working order.
  • Property Insulation – Is the insulation of your property in good order? A thermal survey can detect heat loss and help reduce energy costs.
  • Emergency Services – Thermal imagery can assist in search and rescue, hot spots in fires and many other situations. Our drones can also reach positions not otherwise easily accessible.


Loss adjusters and policy holders are often required to provide photographic evidence to Insurance companies to assist with claims. We can supply high quality photographs quickly and economically.

  • Roof Damage – Pictures of damage, missing tiles and entire roof at close quarters.
  • Guttering – Video and stills of damage and blockages.
  • Chimney Stacks – Condition of chimneys and flashing in high resolution.
  • Dishes and Antenna – we can inspect fixings and cabling to satellite dishes and other antenna.


Those special occasions when you want a unique record of the day. Stills 4K video footage can be supplied either uncut to your ground photographer or as a fully edited package with titles, music prepared by our post production team.

  • Weddings – Something special for that special day. We can follow the Bride from her home, video her arrival at the wedding venue and the happy couple after the ceremony and onto the reception.
  • Family Gatherings – A unique memento for your special anniversary, Christening, special birthday or just that family get together. Make it a day to remember.
  • Corporate Events – From product launches, works fun days, gala evenings to promotional videos. Contact us with your ideas.


When selling your property, the first thing most people will see is an image of your home on a website or an Estate Agents window. And first impressions count. We can supply a unique aerial view that will stand out in the crowd.

  • Aerial Photographs – Taken from a variety of heights to show your property from a range of angles.
  • Video – For many properties a video of your home and garden is a great selling aid and a memento of your home.


DSL are able to provide aerial images for just about any application you require. We hear almost daily of new uses being found for drone photography, some examples of which are listed below. This is not meant to be exhaustive, so if you feel we can assist in areas not mentioned, please get in touch.

  • Marine Research – Close up video coverage not previously available without disturbing marine life is now being used in the UK and elsewhere.
  • Mapping – Mapping of development sites, quarries, agriculture and many other areas is becoming more common. Flight paths can be saved and repeated for comparative data and progress reports. Geo-tagging is available with all of our drones.
  • Cinema Graphic – 4K and 5.2K video in RAW for your commercial production.

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